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Benefits of Installing a New Roof

One of the most crucial elements of a house’s overall structural stability is its roof. The roof requires regular attention, even though it is frequently out of sight and therefore not something you think about frequently. Your home can be strengthened and made to be in good overall condition by replacing the roof.

A new roof has several obvious advantages. For instance, a new roof fixes leaks or that significant hole caused by a tree limb striking it. You can feel more at ease knowing that your house is weatherproof. However, replacing your roof also has a variety of unexpected advantages, such as the following:

Installing a New Roof can Lower Energy Bills

A house’s overall efficiency is significantly influenced by its roof. For instance, by creating a tight seal during the heat, it aids in maintaining the cool air inside the house. Depending on the color of the roof, it might also be able to reflect away the intense sunlight and heat. The roof assists in keeping the house warm during the winter because it prevents heated air from escaping.

A new roof may help you spend less money on heating and cooling your home, depending on the type of roofing material that was utilized. That’s always advantageous. Be careful to ask your roofing company how much money you could save by replacing the roof if your current heating and cooling expenditures are excessive. To support your goal of lowering energy expenditures, pick materials that are known to be energy efficient and the appropriate hue.

Boost Curb Appeal with a New Look

Minneapolis home with new roof after roof replacement

A new roof could offer your house an additional boost in curb appeal if you intend to sell it soon. Your roof comes in a variety of colors and materials, making it simple for you to design a look that complements the rest of your house. Changing the roof is one option to make changes to your home’s appearance if it does not already have them.

If you replace the roof, the value of your house can also increase significantly. A new roof simply means that the new owners won’t have to worry about the roof moving forward, and for many individuals, that may be a major selling point. It demonstrates that you are a responsible homeowner.

A New Roof Requires Less Upkeep

How much time do you now spend getting up on your roof to prevent mold growth or repair holes? Most homeowners find that climbing on roofs is not at all safe. It might be time to make some changes if you frequently find yourself doing this or getting a roofing professional out for repairs.

The likelihood of annual repairs is lower with a new roof. It might not require a lot of expensive work done to it; it still needs a yearly inspection by a qualified technician and any preventive maintenance mandated by the producer of the roofing materials. That not only benefits your house and your finances, but it also means less weekends spent attempting to locate leaks or determining why the flashing around the chimney keeps leaking.

Hail Resistant Roof Materials are Now Available

Hail damage on st. paul home with roofers chalk around each impact point, damage found during roof inspection for insurance claim

Since roofs typically last 15-20 years, the advancements in roofing material technology during that time are impressive. When it comes to replacing your home’s roof, you may realize right away that you have a wide range of product options at your disposal. Spend some time thoroughly comparing them. Your aim should be to get the finest outcomes possible from them, including safeguarding your house from hail damage.

Today there are higher-quality roofing materials specifically designed to withstand impact from hail and high winds. This could reduce your insurance premiums if you live in an area that gets hail storms every year. One of the most frequent causes for insurance roof claims are due to  hail damage.

Safeguard Your Attic from Animals

The fact that a new roof helps seal your house and deters animals from entering it is still another reason to make the investment. Mice, squirrels, and even birds can get into a roof that currently has minor openings. For homeowners, that greatly increases danger. Some bugs not only spread diseases that are already present in your home, but they also scurry and move around so loudly that it can be difficult to fall asleep at night.

Furthermore, when pests like these do get inside, they can harm the plumbing, insulation, and electrical system. Therefore, expensive repairs are frequently needed. The most effective roofing materials remove this risk. To ensure they have taken the required precautions to prevent further infestations, make sure the firm you engage to undertake the work for you identifies areas of animal infestations.

Time for a Roof Replacement?

The protection of the building from the elements is the main justification for installing a new roof on your house. When you take the time to research a variety of roofing materials to get the best options available, doing so frequently offers a host of advantages.

Ask a dependable roofing contractor to submit an estimate that explains the need for replacement if you’re not sure if your older roof needs to be replaced.

Key Takeaways

What are the benefits of installing a new roof?

  • Increase home energy efficiency
  • New roofs need less maintenance
  • Some new roofing materials can stand up to hail storms
  • Secure your attic from animals and pests

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