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Your business expenses can go up by thousands of dollars annually without a properly installed roof to keep your building insulated and well-ventilated. Midwest Roof & Solar provides commercial roofing services Minneapolis can depend on for professional installation using the highest quality materials. You can save money on both your utility bills and maintenance fees with a roof replacement. Your choice of commercial roofing contractors matters, because only a well-trained, professional crew can provide the airtight installation and experience you need with a range of installation methods including hot mopping, torching, and laying a metal or shingle roof. Contact us today to receive a free estimate and start lowering your company’s overhead by saving money on utility bills and maintenance.

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What is a commercial roof?

Businesses use a variety of roof types that residential installations do not. While a residence would typically use asphalt, wood, or slate shingles, a commercial building might use a metal roof or hot asphalt roof. These buildings often have a nearly flat roof with very little pitch. A residential roof, though, would typically use a pitch of about 4/12 to 12/12, while a commercial building might use a 1/12 or 2/12 pitch. No matter what material you pick for your commercial roof, it will require expert roofing installation and professional maintenance thereafter. Midwest Roof & Solar is here to help with all of the expertise you need to keep your roof in great shape for a long time.

How do residential and commercial roofs differ?

The typical American residential roof has a pitch of about 7/12. This lets water easily drain off the roof into the gutters and ensures that debris doesn’t build up. Commercial roofs, however, use a much lower pitch. Their nearly flat design is popular because it easily works around air systems, electrical boxes, piping, and smokestacks that a residence would not have. The knowledge and experience needed to work around these pieces of equipment requires a professional roofing service like Midwest Roof & Solar.

How long does it take to install a commercial roof?

The median for roof installation on a storefront, office building, or restaurant ranges between two and three weeks. If inclement weather occurs, this can slow the work by temporarily halting installation. Other influential aspects include the project’s materials and the building’s size. Book a free inspection today for a unique quote!

How much does a commercial roof cost?

While costs can vary, the typical estimate for a commercial roof ranges between $3.50 and $7.00 per square foot. Midwest Roof & Solar provides you with an in-depth, accurate roofing estimate, so you can fully understand the value of hiring professional roofers. We’re happy to work within your budget to get you the roof that fits your business’s needs.

What roofing material should my business use?

Many options exist for your commercial roof installation, but each building’s needs are unique. You should consider a few factors before deciding on your roof type, including the following:
  • Budget
  • Building size
  • Sun exposure and heat distribution
  • Foot traffic durability needs
The most common materials for commercial roofs are metal, spray-on silicon, and shingles. Our commercial roofing contractors specialize in metal and shingle roofs, but Midwest Roof & Solar has experts on hand to install other types as well. For more information about materials and pricing, reach out to us. We’re glad to help!

Why choose us for your commercial roofing needs?

The experts at Midwest Roof & Solar will get your commercial roof installed for a fair price, using high-quality materials and safe, professional installation methods. We deliver on the three most important aspects of the construction industry so you can be confident in your choice in roofing contractors. Midwest Roof & Solar is a GAF Factory-Certified Contractor and a preferred contractor with Owens Corning. We’re leaders in the local roofing industry and take pride in providing Minneapolis with friendly, professional roofing contractors who have earned their industry certifications and complete each job within budget and on-time. Let us help you with new roof installations, roof repairs, and roof replacements. We provide the attention to detail, education, experience, and tools to deliver the best installations available. Call today for your free inspection and quote!
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