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Residential Roofing in Minneapolis

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Residential Roofing Services by Midwest Roof & Solar

When you have a damaged roof or one that has gone for years without an inspection, it’s time to call a residential roofing professional. Midwest Construction is a local contractor that offers a wide range of residential roofing services, including roof repair and replacement. As a top-rated Minneapolis roofers company, we are ready to help, regardless of the magnitude of your roofing needs.

Our highly trained staff can check for signs of damage on your roof, advise you on whether to repair or replace it and calculate for you the costs associated with either of the two services.

Residential Roofing Process

Pre-Project Planning

We start by taking some time to learn more about your needs before deploying our roofing technicians. We will contact you to plan the project according to your needs and preferences.

Roof Installation

We will then dispatch technicians to remove your old roof and install your new one. The project should be completed within a day or two.

Clean Up

We always make sure to clean up after ourselves before leaving. The only remaining trace of us being there will be your new high quality roof.

The Best Roofing Company in Minneapolis

Amongst the Minneapolis roofing contractors who offer a balance of price, quality, and safety, Midwest Construction tops the list. We have proudly served the Twin Cities and its’ environs for more than 25 years. Our friendly and certified staff has a reputation for working within any client’s budget and finishing jobs on time. We will bring the tools, attention to detail, experience, and expertise you need to repair or replace your roof successfully. To get more information about the signs of roof damage, roof inspection, and roof repair or replacement pricing, contact our team. We are ready and willing to help.

Quality Materials

We are an Owens Corning Certified Roofer & use only the best materials available.

Safety First

Every job is supervised by a Project Manager who ensures OSHA safety practices are followed.

Customer Service

Your calls will always be returned promptly and your property will be left spotless.

Frequently Asked Questions

On numerous occasions, if you wait until you spot a ceiling leak it will be too late. The roof damage could have already deteriorated. To prevent that, contact Midwest Construction for immediate roof repair or replacement as soon as you notice any of the following signs:


  • Buckling or curling shingles
  • Damaged, loose, or missing shingles
  • Missing or damaged flashing
  • Shingle granules in the yard or gutter

Metal, asphalt, clay, slate and wood are the most common roofing materials. While all serve the purpose appropriately, you can opt for the type that best fulfils your priorities, budget, and goals. As you decide, keep the following tips in mind:


  • Metal roofs are eco-friendly, long-lasting and easy to install
  • Asphalt shingles are cost-effective and durable
  • Clay tiles pair well with gutter systems and are highly aesthetic
  • Slate roofs give a home a historical outlook and are thrifty and highly durable
  • Wood roofs have natural insulation properties and an impressive look

It can be difficult to decide whether you should repair or replace your roof when it’s nearing the end of its life. Minneapolis roofers like Midwest Construction can use their experience and expertise to assess the condition of your roof and offer an appropriate recommendation. However, you still have to make the final decision on whether to repair or replace the roof. The following are some factors to keep in mind when making the decision:


  1. Age of the roof. It is important to first consider the age of your roof. This is because when it’s close to the end of its life, a replacement may be inevitable. Any repairs you conduct will be additional costs but will not prevent the need for a replacement. A roofing expert can examine your roof thoroughly and determine its condition with relation to its age.
  2. Repair costs. When your roof only needs minor repairs, it may make more sense to hold off on replacement that can incur hefty costs. However, there are other periods when repairs could be so expensive that it’s better to add some more money and purchase a new roof instead. This requires you to factor in the roof’s life expectancy and its repair costs to know what makes more financial sense.
  1. Partial or total replacement. There is one more thing you need to decide after you opt to replace your roof. Whether to tear the old roof off and start anew or install the new one over your existing roof. This can depend on whether you prefer to spend more money now and lower future expenses or spend less now and risk greater expenses later on. You could also decide based on the current condition of your roof and its type.

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