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What Are the Benefits of Roof Coating Your Minneapolis Commercial Building?

The process of removing an old business roof and replacing it with a new one used to be required and usual. Roof coatings have made the procedure faster and more streamlined (and, in many cases, more economical) in recent years. The roof’s lifespan can be increased by up to ten years with the use of these techniques.

What Are Roof Coating Systems?

When you install a new roof coating system, it is on top of the old one. Essentially, they serve as a barrier to keep the roof in place for longer periods of time. It can enhance the roof’s ability to withstand the elements.

Typically, these coatings are applied in a liquid form over the entire surface area. It’s done this way in order to produce a flat, monolithic membrane. This helps to preserve the roof’s structural integrity. Some are sprayed on, while others are rolled on. It’s important to completely seal off all of the roof’s openings, hatches, and areas around the equipment.

As soon as the coating has been applied, it creates a watertight seal that shields anything beneath it from UV radiation and moisture. What’s more, most roofs can benefit from this form of roof coating.

What Are the Benefits of a Roof Coating System?

Guys spraying a commercial roof down in minneapolis

There are a number of expected benefits to using this type of system. Some of those benefits include the following:

Increase roof life

In addition, these roofing solutions can save a significant amount of electricity. Installing one of these systems often results in a decrease in monthly energy expenses. The reason for this is that they are receptive. Additionally, because of their emissive qualities, they can assist keep the interior of the house cooler during hotter months. Additional benefits include a reduction in cooling-related expenses. In addition, by reducing the stress on the HVAC system, it is possible to extend the system’s lifespan.

Aesthetic improvements

Poorly maintained and unsightly commercial building roofs can harm a business’s good name. It is possible to improve the appearance of an old and damaged roof with the use of these membranes, which are not decorative in any manner. That implies that if someone is looking up at the roof, they are unlikely to notice any damage to it.

They are affordable

Another advantage of roof coating is that it is a relatively low-cost improvement to the property. These do not necessitate the removal of the roof. They are sprayed directly onto the current roof’s surface and leave no residue. This means that the installation costs are lower. Furthermore, the installation process is a lot less complicated. In addition, they take less time to install. As a result, the cost of the installation will be reduced.


These, unlike other structural components, are extremely light. Since they don’t strain the roof, they can be placed there without much of an impact on the existing system. An significant consideration if the roof’s structural integrity is deteriorating: (keep in mind it has to be stable enough to provide for functional use of the roof coating).

Reduce ponding

Ponding is common on many low-slope roofs, especially as the system gets older. When it does, the property owner faces a wide range of hazards. In most circumstances, ponding is difficult to remedy. Roof coatings, on the other hand, may be applied in such a way as to reduce damage and so eliminate the majority of the damage caused by ponds.


As a further advantage, the roofing solution is known to be long-lived. Most of these coatings survive between eight and ten years on average. Maintenance and upkeep are less likely to be required during this period. A low-maintenance, low-cost alternative to a completely new roof, it could be a better option in the long run.

Types of Roof Coating Available

Several types of roof coating options exist. They are typically selected based on the roof needs. Here are some examples:

Polyurethane: This sort of coating can handle most forms of vehicle traffic. A UV-resistant and long-lasting option is available. There is a straightforward choice for them. Because these roofs are easy to clean, they are a wonderful solution for decreasing the transfer of UV rays.

Acrylic: This water-based roof coating is less expensive and suitable for a wide range of conditions. Over time, though, it may degrade when submerged in water.

Silicone:Additionally, silicone is a fantastic tool to use because it is moisture cured and humidity promotes curing. As it wears, this option may need to be reapplied.

Determining If You Should Coat a Roof

It’s not possible to coat all roofs. When it comes to roofing, this depends on the current system and the advantages of the process itself. Depending on the roof structure and other variables, it’s critical to understand what the coating product manufacturer suggests for use.

A commercial roof coating can be useful too many businesses. There are a few things you should keep in mind before deciding to use them in your home or business:. This frequently necessitates taking into account the current weather, the strength of the wind, and the overall long-term advantages of fixing the roof. As a starting point, many buildings can benefit from this approach.

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