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Roofers’ Tool Recommendations for Homeowners

Our Roofers love these tools and think they might be useful for homeowners.

Nail Guns

A must have for any roofer is a good nail gun, there are nail gins made especially for roofing. Our guys like Bostitch and Makita for their roofing nail guns. Our roofers use roofing specific nail guns. They load up with magazines of coiled roofing nails. When buying a nail gun for yourself, pay attention to how much the nail gun weighs, you don’t want to hold an 8lb nail gun for an all day job. 

Attachable Stabilizer for Extension Ladders

Ladder stabilizers attach to your ladder at or towards the top, there are models for leaning against the side of your house and ones for leaning on the roof itself. They make ladders much more secure especially when climbing up and down. They are also great for if you need to work on a window, the stabilizer will make contact on both sides of your window.

There are even elaborate models that have handrails for getting on and off your roof.

Storable Telescoping Ladders

Our roofers don’t use telescoping ladders during roof repairs, but when the guys do a roof inspection they often do. These fit nicely in any car which makes them ideal for getting to a customer needing a roof inspection quickly. 

Telescoping ladders are best for people with limited space to store tools. These ladders are very compact so when at their smallest they are deceptively heavy. These ladders might not be best for larger individuals. We heavily recommend double checking all the latches before climbing up.

GOAT Roof Climbing System

Safety systems like the GOAT make moving around on a roof much safer, our guys also use safety harnesses.

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Key Takeaways

Tool Recommendations from Professional Roofers

  • Nail Guns: Roofers recommend Bostitch and Makita nail guns for roofing projects, but consider the weight when choosing one.
  • Attachable Stabilizer for Ladders: These stabilizers improve ladder stability, especially when working on roofs or windows, and some have handrails for ease of access.
  • Storable Telescoping Ladders: Handy for roof inspections due to their portability, but check latches and suitability for larger individuals.
  • GOAT Roof Climbing System: A safety system for moving around on roofs, enhancing safety for roof work.

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