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Can Trees Damage Your Roof?

Trees are a significant cause of roof damage for homeowners across the country, including here in Minneapolis. While trees add beauty to any property, they need to be well-maintained to avoid roofing complications. Problems as small as accumulated leaves or broken twigs can cause serious damage to your roof if left alone for too long.

This article will explore the main types of roof damage that impact homes in Minneapolis. If tree damage ever impacts your roofing system, be sure to reach out to your roof repair specialists for prompt repairs.

Types of Tree Damage to Roofing

tree that fell on house causing damage in Minneapolis

Dead Trees

If there is an old tree on your property, it’s important to know that it won’t live forever. Trees eventually die, though it may take many, many years for a tree to reach the end of its lifespan. When a tree does die, it will fall down eventually and can damage any structures in its wake. So, for homeowners, a dead tree could lead to a collapsed roof and the need for an emergency roof replacement.

Thankfully, you’ll almost certainly have ample time to have a dead or aging tree removed from your property before it tips over. If you notice that a tree on your property could be at the end of its rope, contact a professional to have it removed. This will ensure that it’s not knocked down by a large storm here in St. Louis Park, and that your roof will be safe from the devastation of a fallen tree.

Overhanging Branches

A more common cause of roof damage from trees than dead trees, overhanging branches can cause problems for your roof. Branches that hang over your roof can cause multiple roof issues, including:

  • Scratched roofing materials, as the branches may touch and scrape your roof in the wind.
  • Punctures, especially if an overhanging branch snaps and falls onto your roof.
  • Missing shingles, which can also result from a fallen branch.

All of these roofing issues may seem minor. But, if you leave roof punctures or missing shingles alone for long, the damage will get worse. As the elements exacerbate the existing roof damage, the potential for a roof leak will get larger. So, save yourself the headache and expense of dealing with major roof repairs – handle minor roof repairs promptly to restore the durability of your Minneapolis roof.

The best way to avoid roof damage from overhanging branches is to keep nearby trees trimmed back. This will ensure that no branches can touch your roof and that if a branch falls, it won’t fall onto your roof.

some over branching happening at a house in minneapolis

Leaves, Pine Needles, and Other Debris

Trees that are situated close to your home may drop various types of debris onto your roof and into your gutters. Especially in the fall, you may notice leaves and pine needles accumulating on your roof. Again, this may seem like a minor issue. But, the debris can easily trap and hold moisture on your roof. When your roofing materials are exposed to moisture for extended periods, they’ll start to deteriorate or even develop mold. This will shorten the lifespan of your roof.

Debris from nearby trees can also become a problem for your gutter system. Leaves and pine needles can accumulate in gutters, causing them to clog. Clogged gutters can’t effectively drain water from your roof. Instead, the water will get backed up on your roof or leak out the sides of the gutters. This can lead to water damage to your roof, siding, and foundation.

Trimming back overhanging branches will help to avoid roof damage from tree debris. Additionally, make sure to have your roof and gutters cleaned regularly. This will ensure that high volumes of debris don’t accumulate on your roof or in your gutters.


Nearby trees can give animals a jumping-off point to land on your roof. Animals on your roof may not immediately cause damage. But, if the critters choose to settle in, you’ll have an issue on your hands. Squirrels nesting in your roof can cause damage to your roofing materials and should be avoided by proper tree maintenance. Contact Midwest Roofing and Construction today for help with roof repairs, replacement, and maintenance.

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