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Why Choose A Pella Windows Certified Contractor

Midwest Roof & Solar Installs Pella Windows in Minneapolis

If you are deciding to replace the windows in your home, there are decisions to be made beyond just the type of windows you will choose. Who you choose to complete your window replacement project has a huge impact on the quality and longevity of your windows. While some contractors will opt to install your new windows as quickly as possible and may cut corners, a Pella Certified Contractor is trained to install Pella Windows with craftsmanship and care from the start.

Choosing a Pella Certified Contractor to install your new windows gives you peace of mind about your home. What sets apart a Pella Certified Contractor from the rest?

  • Initial Training – Pella Certified Contractors complete specialized orientation and window installation training. This ensures contractors can complete the quality installation that backs the Pella brand name. This training does not end after just the initial session. Pella Certified Contractors must complete an annual training refresher to make sure they always understand proper window installation methods.
  • Ongoing Education – Pella Certified Contractors become part of a cohort that offers continuing education. Certified Contractors will learn about the latest products in Pella’s offerings and how to properly install these new items. They will also learn about the latest trends and takeaways in the world of windows as a whole. Whether it is how to install casement windows or how to properly prep an opening for a new window, Pella Certified Contractors are knowledgeable and able to take on your new window installation.
  • Quality Pella Products – The Pella brand name is known for their extreme quality and durability among their range of products. A Pella Certified Contractor will provide these Pella windows as an option to you for your home window replacementPella windows come in a range of beautiful, durable, energy-efficient options ensuring you will find the perfect choice for you and your family. There are also innovative style options that can solve your tricky design or functionality problem.
  • Certified Warranty – Pella offers a limited lifetime warranty on a wide range of their product selections. Depending on the product type, wood windows, fiberglass windows, vinyl windows, etc., Pella offers their customers and contractors warranties that allow peace of mind on your home window replacement.
brand new pella windows that are on a Minneapolis home

Deciding which windows options are best for your home and which contractor to work with can be overwhelming. A great way to vet potential contractors is to look for the Pella Certified Contractor seal. This certification gives you the peace of mind that your windows will be installed correctly the first time.

Considering a Minneapolis window replacement? Midwest Construction has the expertise to get the job done right! As a Pella Certified Contractor, we promise quality and care throughout your window replacement project with no corners cut and a finished project that will last you years and years to come. Give us a call today to discuss your project needs!

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