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Common Roof Problems in Minnesota

A roof is the first line of defense that keeps away rain, wind, and debris from getting into a home. Therefore, damage to the roof is an unpleasant situation that can impact your comfort, health, and finances.

A cracked roof allows moisture into the home, leading to saggy drywalls, water damage, mold, or damaged ceilings. Not to mention replacing a damaged roof is expensive and can lead to more problems with your home’s structure. It’s therefore advisable to identify and rectify roof problems before they spread.

Here are the typical roof problems in Minnesota:

1. Roof develops blisters

Blisters develop when air or moisture is trapped between roof layers or within the shingles. As the temperatures continue to rise, the air or humidity expands, resulting in blisters on the surface of the roof.

Blisters start as minor problems and can eventually become severe damage that results in leaks. Midwest Roof & Solar is here to help conduct weather damage repairs to fix that problem before it grows too expensive.

a roof blistering on a minneapolis roof

2. Leaking roof

Leaking rooftops rank high among roof problems in Minnesota. The leak can result from an external force, damaged shingles, gutter problems, wear and tear, and roof debris. Leaking roofs provide a conducive condition for mold development. Midwest Roof & Solar provides leak repair services to fix the problem early.

3. Roof shrinkage

When roof shrinking occurs, it often results in cracks and splits that allow moisture into a home. Shrinking occurs at the outer membrane that protects the roofing material from harsh environmental conditions.

The causes of roof shrinkage include poor design, a defective manufacturing process, and harsh weather. The best way to prevent roof shrinkage is to conduct proper installation and acquire high-quality roofing materials at the onset.

4. Damaged or clogged gutters

Excess debris in the gutter hinders the normal flow of water along the roof edges. As a result, water stagnates and settles against the roof, which eventually leads to rotting. You can solve this problem by hiring Midwest Roof & Solar to carry out gutter repairs or replace your ailing gutters.

Tips on how to deal with common roof problems

  • Trim trees: Tree branches that are close to a home can cause a roof problem. During heavy storms, they can fall on the roof, leading to holes, cracks, or loss of shingles. It’s therefore important to prune the trees annually to eliminate the risk.
  • Keep the roof clean: Make a habit of removing leaves, pieces of wood, dust, and other particles stuck on the roof bi-annually. It’s also essential to remove any debris or foreign objects that are stuck in the gutters.
  • Regular inspection and maintenance: Check the roof’s condition every year, preferably before and after winter. Check any possible pest activity, missing shingles, leaks, damaged parts, or sagging sections. If you find any of these signs, it’s a pointer to involve a professional with the right tools and experience. You can also engage a professional to conduct repairs on any damaged gutter.
  • Repair broken shingles: Replace damaged or missing shingles to curb the problem early. Timely replacement or repair prevents further damage to the roof, ceiling, and attic that may be costly to repair.

Let Midwest Roof & Solar repair your roof!

The roof is a vital component in every home, which is why homeowners detest roof problems. In addition, initial issues like leaks or shrinkage spill into walls and ceilings and affect the curb appeal. Therefore, it pays to conduct frequent inspections and repairs. Midwest Roof & Solar is the perfect roofing contractor in Minnesota to help with all of these roofing needs and more. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry, which gives us an edge. Call us today to schedule a free inspection!

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