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Extending the Roof Over a Deck During a Roof Installation

Considering renovating the roof or having a new roof installed after the recent hail storms in Minneapolis? This is the perfect time to consider redesigning your roof, like extending the roof over a deck to create a porch for some shaded extra outdoor living space.

While this isn’t a satisfying answer, some roof extensions are simple and some require a lot of work. If the area you want to extend the roof over is small, there isn’t much additional structural build needed, however if the porch the roof needs to be extended over is extensive, there will be additional help needed from an architect or builder and of course you will need to pull permits for this additional roof project.The style of your home could also dictate how much additional work is needed, for instance, compared to most two-story homes, single-story bungalows require more structural work.

Additionally, roofing and building planning and permits must be obtained, often we pull all permits necessary for our roofing jobs, but if additional structure is to be built that is sometimes a completely different permit depending on the scope of the work, we are able to pull those permits. 

Why would you want to have a roofing company extend the roof installation over your deck?

A covered deck or porch is a great outdoor area living space that is usable even at high noon on the hottest of Minneapolis days.  When working with a Minneapolis roofing company, make sure they have experience with roof extensions and are able to pull all the correct roofing and building permits needed.

When installed at the front of a house, porches covered with a roof instantly improve curb appeal. Homeowners have the option of adding lighting, hanging flowers, and other decorations from the porch roof itself. A covered porch can add some old-world charm to a house that otherwise appears unimpressive, unimpressive, and almost like a trailer. 

Additionally, it makes a lovely sitting area or gathering place for neighbors and friends. Additionally, it offers protection from the harsh sun, wind, rain, and snow.

A porch on the side or back of a house is typically larger and can be significantly more ornate. These covered decks are complete living areas that can be converted to be used during the three or four seasons.

Pulling roofing permits and project planning

Major renovations include both roofing replacements and deck roof additions. Plans must be created, permits must be requested, and the structural integrity of the house must be examined.

Your top priority as a homeowner should be seeking advice from reputable neighborhood roofers about the best materials and designs for you. The rest should be handled by a roofing company that offers full services. However, the roofers will need time to examine your home, create construction plans, and submit permit applications.

It’s then time to wait for the neighborhood building department. Permits typically take a few weeks to process. If there are any problems, we go back to the drawing board.

If you only want a deck extension and no other significant work, this procedure must be repeated in its entirety. The integrity of the house will still require inspection by a qualified roofing building manager. Permit applications and plans must be submitted.

Additionally, the existing roof may need to be repaired, upgraded, or added to by the roofers.

Rolling these projects into one massive renovation is the quickest and safest course of action. The time it takes to add a deck extension to a roofing replacement won’t be much longer, but delays can always occur when working on a separate project.

Roofing project: the construction of a deck roof

For experienced roofers, building a roof over a deck is a simple project. Your roofing project manager will be able to take care of each step and walk you through all the different processes.

There are a few places where this roofing project could become a little more involved than a traditional roof replacement. The roofer who inspects your home might discover problems that require fixing or upgrading before the roof extension can be made. The roofer may need to construct an additional A-frame structure to which the deck roof will be attached if the home is built in the bungalow or ranch style. 

The construction of the deck roof structure comes after the roof extension has been planned and permitted at the city or county level. The roof rafters will be supported by the ledger board, which is attached to the house. A portion of the siding will be removed by the roofers before the ledger board is fastened to the roof studs. Next are the support beams. The beams can be lifted into place or built in place. 

The sub-fascia, decking, felt, shingles, and framing wrap are then installed, followed by the installation of the rafters. When it comes to roofing work, this is what most people picture. It ought to move along fairly quickly.

The framing and veneer must receive the local inspectors’ approval after the porch roof has been constructed. Everything should go smoothly if you hired a knowledgeable and experienced company.

As you can see, this is a sizable undertaking that necessitates significant structural work. Porch roofs need to be built correctly to prevent the roof from buckling and sagging.

For replacements or additions, always work with a reputable, skilled roofing professional. Look for a roofing company that has a solid background in structural work and has performed more than just shingle installation.

Thinking about extending your roof over a deck or porch?

A roofed deck or porch is a gorgeous way to expand your outdoor living area, extend the season of use for the home, boost curb appeal, and raise the value of the property.

Consider completing this project at the same time as replacing the roof if you intend to do so. It will shorten the duration of your renovation overall, eliminate pointless tasks, and complete everything at once, leaving you with a stunning renovation to enjoy. 

During a roof replacement is the perfect time to plan this home improvement project, your roofing project manager will be able to give you a scope, estimate and what can be done to expand your roof to create additional outdoor living space.

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Key Takeaways

Roof Extension over Deck

  • After hail storms in Minneapolis, it’s a good time to consider roof renovations or installations.
  • Extending your roof over a deck to create a porch can provide extra outdoor living space.
  • The complexity of the project depends on the size, style of your home, and the need for additional structure.
  • Roof extensions improve curb appeal, offer outdoor living space, and protection from weather.
  • Proper planning, permits, and structural assessments are necessary for roof extensions.
  • Combining a roof extension with a roof replacement streamlines the renovation process.
  • Experienced roofers can handle the construction of a deck roof, including structural work.
  • Hiring a reputable roofing professional with expertise in structural work is essential.

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