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Does your home’s roof need repair, replacement, or renovation? Midwest Roof & Solar is your local Plymouth roofing company, ready to send a team of experts to help out. Our roofing services encompass more than just installing shingles and insulating attics. We can handle the professional installation of your solar panels for generating green energy at home, repair or replace your gutters or siding, or get your windows back in top shape. Have storm damage from seasonal Minnesota weather? We can take care of that too.

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Plymouth Roofing Services

Our Plymouth roofing services include everything a homeowner might need to take care of their roof, from roof repairs to fulll roof replacements. We can help you quickly recover from storm damage as well as repair damage that simply occurs over time. You can also commission roof remodeling to suit your greater home renovations.
  • Roof Inspections

    All roof services start with a roof inspection. A roofing expert will take a close look at your roof, attic, and underlayment to determine if and which repairs are needed. Contact us today to schedule a free roof inspection and estimate!
  • Roof Repairs

    If your roof is missing shingles, has damaged shingles, or has taken serious impact damage, Midwest can fix it. You can count on our team to inspect and repair any of your roof concerns. From minor damage to major damage, we’ll replace your shingles, rebuild the underlayment, or patch a hole.
  • Roof Installation and Replacement

    If you are building a new home or your home’s roof is over 15 years old, it’s time for a new roof installation. Let our team connect you with the ideal shingles and roof design of your choice. We’ll then provide a high-quality roof installation for long-term roof performance.
  • Solar Roof Installation

    Looking to add solar panels to your Plymouth home’s roof? Our roofing professionals will handle the support structure and panel installation so you can be sure the job is done right. Find your sunniest roof angle and we’ll have you generating green energy in no time.
  • Storm Damage Repair

    If your roof has been damaged in a recent storm, the damage can be extensive or unusual. We’re ready to handle anything that Plymouth storms have to throw at us, and at you. We’ll provide fast repairs to get your home whole and safe again. 

What Other Services are Offered by a Plymouth Roofing Company?

As one of the top roofing companies in Plymouth, we don’t stop at roofing. Plymouth homeowners need a variety of services, and we have teams of experts on hand to provide them. Let us become your go-to repair and reinstallation service when it comes to your home exterior needs. Our roofing services expand to gutters, siding, and even window repair and replacement.
  • Window Repair and Replacement

    Windows get damaged all the time. If your glass cracks, your double-panes lose pressure, your window frames become loose or your windows fog up and transmit too much temperature, this is a sign you need window repair. Window replacement allows you to upgrade both the look and quality of your windows.
  • Siding Repair and Replacement

    Siding and roof shingles tend to be damaged by the same elements. The same UV sunbeams and seasonal storms that challenge your roof can also damage your siding. As your local Plymouth roofing company, let us know if your siding is damaged, warped, discolored, or clearly in its last years, and we’ll put it right.
  • Gutter Cleaning and Repair

    Gutters are an extension of the roof. They attach to the eves and it takes roofing skills to properly install or repair your gutters. We also offer gutter cleaning services! Let us take care of your gutters for you to make sure they don’t cause damage to your home.

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