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If you live in Minneapolis and own the roof over your head, then knowing a good local roofing company is a great card to have in your back pocket. Midwest offers roofing services essential for the long-term care of your Minneapolis home. From building a sturdy roof on a new building to keeping up with storm damage repairs, our roofers ensure your building remains well-insulated and secured against the weather. We are dedicated to providing for the roofing needs of Minneapolis homeowners and property managers across the Twin Cities.

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  • Roof Solar Panel Services

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    • Solar Panel Expansion
  • Gutter Care Services

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    • Siding Repair
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  • Storm Damage Repair

    • Emergency Repair Scheduling
    • Roof, Siding, and Window Repairs
    • Home Safety Priority

Minneapolis Roof Repair and Installation

Our roofing services cover the span of residential and commercial roofing needs. Here in Minneapolis, roof repairs are often an annual concern, starting with the usual roof inspection after each bad storm or rough weather season. If your roof has taken damage from wind, hail, or falling tree branches, we’ll have you patched up with new shingles whether the damage is big or small.

If your home is ready for a landmark roof replacement, you can rely on us for full-service roof installation to meet your aesthetic and functional roofing design needs. If you’re remodeling your home and need changes to the roof, we’ll rebuild any section of your roof to the new specifications with speed and professionalism.

Minneapolis Roof Solar Panel Installation

Ready for solar panels, or looking to expand your current bank of roof panels? Our team includes solar experts who can provide solar assessments of your roof and help you choose the right mounting structure for your selection of panels.

We’ll help you define your solar space, choose the right panels and framing, and then make sure your panels secure perfectly to the current roofing structure. 

Minneapolis Gutter Care

Some homeowners today still tackle their gutters, but most are too busy or physically unable to safely perform this high-perched task. Let our Minneapolis roofing experts help you keep your gutters clean and in good repair. We can provide gutter repairs if your gutter was damaged by a storm, animal, or maybe even a stray soccer ball. We can also install new gutters and replace old gutters to ensure your gutters won’t cause any damage to the exterior of your home.

Minneapolis Window and Siding Services

As roofers, our interests naturally extend to the rest of the home exterior. Together, the roof, windows, and siding are what keep a home warm and dry. By including window and siding services, we can help with any concern that causes leaks when it rains or AC out-drafting problems.

If you have a cracked window, rattling panes, unsealed double-panes, or warped window frames, we can help you find the right solution. Some window problems can be repaired, and some are better solved with new window installation.

Your siding, likewise, needs care and eventual replacement to keep your home in good repair. From wood shingle siding to gleaming vinyl panels, we can handle your siding repair concerns, sectional siding replacement, and complete siding installation.

Storm Damage Repair and Home Rehab Services

Minneapolis is no stranger to extreme weather. If your property has been severely damaged in a recent storm, emergency repairs may be needed. You can count on the Midwest Roof & Solar team to provide the full-service home exterior repairs needed to make your home or business safe and beautiful again. We will schedule your repairs immediately on emergency conditions and prioritize resealing the home’s weather-protectant shell first and foremost.

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